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Create Territories in Minutes, Not Months.

Leverage AI-Powered automation to generate perfectly balanced territories in a few clicks.

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Perfectly equitable, balanced territories every time.

Optimize geographical territories or break free from them altogether!

Whether you need to create targeted account lists or geographically based territories, BoogieBoard creates perfectly balanced territories every time.

BoogieBoard uses GeoAware technology to ensure geographical regions are created to maximize both equitability and geographical constancy.

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Empower Your RevOps Team with AI Territory Planning

BoogieBoard, our AI territory planning software, revolutionizes the way RevOps teams approach territory management. By leveraging advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, our platform analyzes vast amounts of account data against your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) with lightning speed and precision.

Gone are the days of laborious spreadsheet calculations and subjective decision-making. Our AI-driven approach swiftly carves out balanced sales territories, ensuring equitable distribution of opportunities across your sales team. With every decision backed by data-driven insights, you can be confident in the fairness and effectiveness of your territory allocations.

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How it works

How it works

Upload your list of accounts

Including your ICP account data attributes such as industry, company size, location, revenue, or other relevant account data that you will use for territory balancing and segmentation.

Build your sales org structure

Define your sales org hierarchies, geographies, and segmentation rules based on the uploaded data.

Define your balancing goals

Create custom balancing rules based on account data attributes. Include attributes such as industry, company size, location, revenue, or other relevant factors.

Get your results!

Let our algorithm automate the creation of territories. Instantly view and share BoogieBoard’s results with your teams.

Built for the modern RevOps team.​


Quickly generate territories based on AI-powered suggestions


Maximize coverage and retain talent with data-driven equitable territories.


Manage your territory planning process in a single place.

“BoogieBoard is invaluable. You can be confident territories are equitable and data-driven. I saved weeks of work using BoogieBoard.ai”

Meredith Dowd • VP, Revenue Operations at Sana

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