Territory Planning
is hard

There's an easier way.

Let BoogieBoard design territories with speed and intelligence.  We divide, you conquer!

Built for the modern RevOps team.​


Quickly generate territories based on AI-powered suggestions


Maximize coverage and retain talent with data-driven equitable territories.


Manage your territory planning process in a single place.

"BoogieBoard just works. It saved weeks of time that would've been spent in spreadsheets and created perfectly equitable territories."

Meredith Dowd • VP, Revenue Operations at Sana

Ditch the spreadsheets, the future of territory planning is here

RevOps teams toil for months, crafting and refining sales territories.  Countless hours are wasted in spreadsheets , striving for fairness and equity. Enter BoogieBoard, the ultimate time-saver. Our powerful software automates and condenses the planning process from months to minutes.

The beauty of fair territories goes beyond administrative ease – they promote happier, more productive sales reps. Every rep has an equal chance to hit quota and reach their accelerators.

Say goodbye to spreadsheets and welcome centralized planning. With BoogieBoard, stakeholders can effortlessly comment, edit assignments, lock accounts, and approve territories all in one convenient place.  Simplify the chaotic planning process with one home for territory planning .

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“Carving territories is always painful. It is like doing your taxes.  BoogieBoard is the TurboTax of territory carving ."

“Implementing BoogieBoard was as easy as it could be... Ultimately, we ended up with some strong territories and very happy sellers ."

Alli Manning • Chief Operating Officer at Challenger Inc.

BoogieBoard Partners with 

Challenger Inc.

Amidst a hectic planning season and faced with a transition away from traditional "geo-based" sales territories, Challenger Inc, the company behind the bestselling book, The Challenger Sale, chose BoogieBoard as their territory design partner.

Find out how Alli Manning, COO, navigated the tricky challenges that arise when shifting to an account based selling model and the tools she used to get the job done.

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Boost Sales Performance and Customer Engagement

Have you ever called on that perfect account? The large one with tons of potential that’s a perfect fit for your product? Only to find that your competitor already beat you to it? Nothing is worse than losing a deal you never knew about 🤬

Optimize your sales operations through the power of balanced territories. By fairly allocated territories, customers receive the attention they deserve, eliminating the risk of accounts falling through the cracks. Our streamlined approach ensures sales reps can focus on the right accounts and eliminating wasted time on low-probability prospects.

Experience improved sales performance and enhanced customer engagement with our optimized territory planning solutions. Don't let inefficient allocation hinder your revenue growth - unlock the potential of balanced territories today.

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Remove the manual work from Territory Planning.

Eliminate the frustrations of "unfair" sales territories. Use BoogieBoard to create balanced territories and provide the confidence you need to scale with speed.

BoogieBoard for Sales Leaders

With Boogieboard, you can drive sales success, optimize rep productivity, improve retention, and more efficiently assign accounts.

Give everyone a fair shot at hitting quota and optimize rep productivity with targeted, equitable territories. Design perfectly equitable territories in minutes, not months.

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Leverage your ICP with BoogieBoard

Unlock the true value of your firmographic data! With BoogieBoard, harness the power of your ideal customer profile (ICP) to optimize your account distribution strategy. Our platform intelligently carves your books by evenly allocating accounts across territories, ensuring each sales rep has an equal share of hot prospects, potential ARR, accounts in specific sectors, or any other attributes you desire to balance against. Don't let valuable opportunities slip away - put your expensive firmographic data to work and drive sales success with BoogieBoard.

Why BoogieBoard?


Traditional territory planning software requires manual calculation. Our AI-powered territory planning software does the hard work, so you can sit back and enjoy the results.


Whether you need to create targeted account lists or geographically based territories, BoogieBoard creates perfectly balanced territories every time.

What-if Scenarios

Make sure everyone’s opinion is heard. Instantly visualize different scenarios to share with your stakeholders and make decisions quickly.

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