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Optimize Your Geographical Territories

BoogieBoard brings territory mapping software into the 21st century with AI-Powered territory management.

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Get territories to your outside sales reps faster with territory design software.

Cut equitable territories instantly to maximize rep efficiency

BoogieBoard uses modern AI to analyze your account data and create perfectly balanced geographical territories. Cut territories into geographical boundaries by states, counties, postal codes, or metros.

BoogieBoard uses GeoAware technology to ensure geographical regions are created to maximize both equitability and geographical consitancy.

Elevate your sales strategy with "GeoAware" Territory Mapping

Discover the ultimate solution for sales territory management with BoogieBoard, designed to cater to every aspect of territory planning and optimization. Create custom, balanced territories based on geography, firmographics, business metrics, or a blend of each.

Share maps seamlessly across teams in various formats, ensuring everyone is aligned and equipped for success.

Optimize geographical territories or break free from them altogether!

By blending traditional geographic territories with account-based selling, BoogieBoard unlocks the potential for both geographical convenience and the strategic value of accounts. This dual focus allows for a more personalized and efficient sales process.

Innovative Territory Planning: The Best of Both Worlds
  • Hybrid Territory Design: Blend geographic convenience with strategic account targeting for a comprehensive approach to territory allocation.
  • Proximity Optimization: Minimize travel distances for sales reps, enhancing efficiency and work-life balance by aligning territories with their home base.
  • Balanced Account DistributionDesign: Ensure equitable allocation of accounts and alignment with Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) to maximize sales potential and focus.
  • Data-Driven Strategy: Leverage your firmographic data to harmonize geographical and account-based selling, for maximal sales outcomes.

“Carving territories is always painful. It is like doing your taxes. BoogieBoard is the TurboTax of territory carving ."

“Implementing BoogieBoard was as easy as it could be... Ultimately, we ended up with some strong territories and very happy sellers ."

Alli Manning • COO at Challenger Inc.

Customer Case Study

BoogieBoard Partners with Challenger Inc.

Amidst a hectic planning season and faced with a transition away from traditional "geo-based" sales territories, Challenger Inc, the company behind the bestselling book, The Challenger Sale, chose BoogieBoard as their territory design partner.

Find out how Alli Manning, COO, navigated the tricky challenges that arise when shifting to an account based selling model and the tools she used to get the job done.

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