BoogieBoard Territory Design Services

Don’t enter the planning season alone. BoogieBoard consultants and our AI software are here to shepherd you through the design process. 

Whether you need help with geographic territories, target account lists, or existing customer books of business, BoogieBoard designs your coverage models quickly and fairly.

We divide, you conquer.

"BoogieBoard just works. It saved weeks of time that would've been spent in spreadsheets and created perfectly equitable territories."

Meredith Dowd

VP, Revenue Operations

When you engage with BoogieBoard:

No software implementation. Engage our team of design pros during planning season and don’t worry about anything after that.

No drawing complicated maps. Our GeoAware products do this for you. And since you’re leveraging our services, we’ll use these tools to support the design.

No arguing over fairness. We'll give you a quantitative backbone to socialize with your stakeholders. No more ambiguity or complex explanations to Sales.

No more delay. Get accounts to sellers and customer managers quickly so there’s no lapse.

So what is it?

Forego the hassle of implementing, learning, and managing yet another software (or forgetting its existence altogether). Let the experts at BoogieBoard handle the heavy-lifting of territory design.

  • A guided process from discovery to data gathering to territory design
  • A proprietary algorithm that delivers perfectly balanced territories
  • Territories tailored to your business criteria and goals

Our simple and straightforward approach will have you breezing through planning season - with ample time left to unwind on the beach!

“Carving territories is always painful. It is like doing your taxes. BoogieBoard is the TurboTax of territory carving ."

“Implementing BoogieBoard was as easy as it could be... Ultimately, we ended up with some strong territories and very happy sellers ."

Alli Manning • COO at Challenger Inc.

Customer Case Study

BoogieBoard Partners with Challenger Inc.

Amidst a hectic planning season and faced with a transition away from traditional "geo-based" sales territories, Challenger Inc, the company behind the bestselling book, The Challenger Sale, chose BoogieBoard as their territory design partner.

Find out how Alli Manning, COO, navigated the tricky challenges that arise when shifting to an account based selling model and the tools she used to get the job done.

Read more

Territory Design

Our White Glove Approach

How does it work?

1. Build the existing coverage model

We ingest your data into BoogieBoard to build a living, breathing, operational model. It creates a base to make changes quickly and with measure.

2. View & Analyze the “State of the Union”

BoogieBoard benefits from reviewing hundreds of coverage model datasets. This means that we know how to display summary information for you and your stakeholders.

3. Workshop the Ideal Customer Profile

Collaborate with us to determine which account attributes to use in the design process. Leverage best practices and implement your ICP strategy.

4. Set the Goals

Input the desired outcomes of your coverage model design and work backwards. Whether its number of accounts, industry, geo, technographics, BoogieBoard helps you to prioritize and set your goals.

5. Model the Scenarios

Leverage BoogieBoard’s algorithm to quickly produce all of your ‘what if’ scenarios.

6. Socialize the Scenarios & Impacts with Stakeholder

View the impacts of different scenarios and communicate with your teams. Using BoogieBoard’s pre-built reports, zoom out for holistic info or focus all the way down to the rep level.

7. Go-live in CRM with your new coverage model

Push account ownership to CRM. Enjoy efficient coverage and happy reps.

Your "State of the Union"

We start your engagement by getting a deep understanding of how things sit today. See all that red? We’ll work to get rid of that.

Set your goals

Decide which balancing goals are important for your territory design. We  work with you to prioritize these and weight the BoogieBoard algorithm, ensuring the final results are perfectly balanced.

Let's Boogie!

Ahhh…all green. Enjoy your newly designed and balanced territories.

Why BoogieBoard?


Traditional territory planning software requires manual calculation. Our AI-powered territory planning software does the hard work, so you can sit back and enjoy the results.


Whether you need to create targeted account lists or geographically based territories, BoogieBoard creates perfectly balanced territories every time.

What-if Scenarios

Make sure everyone’s opinion is heard. Instantly visualize different scenarios to share with your stakeholders and make decisions quickly.

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