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Territory Planning Finally Has A Home

Manage your entire territory planning process from one collaborative platform.

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A single platform to collaborate, design, & manage territories.

Stakeholder buy-in during the territory planning process

Designing and maintaining territories requires constant feedback and communication between RevOps and various stakeholders. BoogieBoard gives you a centralized place to manage feedback, track change requests, and keep a history of changes made to territory design.

Optimize Account Distribution Leveraging Your Ideal Customer Profile

Unlock the full potential of your firmographic data by integrating your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) into every aspect of territory planning. BoogieBoard's data-driven approach allows you to identify and prioritize accounts that align perfectly with your ICP, ensuring your sales efforts are focused where they can generate unparalleled efficiency and effectiveness.

Model “what-if” scenarios and memorialize your territory plans

Use BoogieBoard to try different territory design scenarios. Test different balancing metrics to see how they effect territory equity and account distribution.

BoogieBoard keeps a record of each scenario. It gives your RevOps team a place to track and manage changes throughout the year and a starting point for your next planning season.

Experience Seamless Integration

BoogieBoard seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM and sales tools, making it easy to incorporate into your existing sales workflow. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it simple for your sales team to adopt and utilize BoogieBoard without any disruptions to their current processes.


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