Territory Design Readiness Masterclass

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What is this?

Territory planning season is about to get real.  To support you during this time, BoogieBoard and ROC are offering a free territory design Masterclass to get you ready to design territories, target account lists (TALs), or books of business (BOBs).

Class Topics:

  • Design Philosophy - Goals, Stakeholders, Equity
  • Databases & Systems - Duplicates, Hierarchies, Policies, Scoring
  • Ideal Customer Profiles - Firmographic, Technographic, Intent
  • Models - New-age ideas, GEO, Verticals

Who should attend?

  • Any company that distributes accounts to sales/account management teams.
  • Sales leaders and RevOps pros are all welcome!

When is it?

We are going to schedule intimate classes based on YOUR availability. Express interest below, and will get you in a small group at a time that works.

Why BoogieBoard?

All we do, all day, is help companies to design territories. We love to share ideas on the topic!

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Why BoogieBoard?

"BoogieBoard just works. It saved weeks of time that would've been spent in spreadsheets and created perfectly equitable territories."

Meredith Dowd

VP, Revenue Operations