Balance Sales Territories to Maximize Revenue

The Ultimate Territory Optimization Tool

Streamline Territory  Management

Gone are the days of manually assigning accounts and struggling with territories in spreadsheets.

BoogieBoard automates territory planning, making it fast and efficient to optimize your territories. With our intuitive interface, you can easily define your segments, set your TAM, and let BoogieBoard do the rest.

Maximize Sales Potential

BoogieBoard goes beyond just balancing territories - we help you maximize your sales potential.

Our algorithm balances against your ICP and identifies the most promising accounts for each sales rep, giving them the best possible chance to succeed. This means your sales team can focus on high-value accounts that align with your business strategy, leading to increased sales and revenue growth.

Gain Data-Driven Insights

BoogieBoard provides you with data-driven insights to support your decision-making process.

Our scenarios dashboard gives you visibility into your sales territories, allowing you to compare draft iterations, adjust segmentation, and make data-backed decisions to optimize your territories and drive sales success.

Unlock Your Data Enrichment

You’ve worked hard to integrate ZoomInfo or other data enrichment sources. Start putting that data to use.

BoogieBoard implements your Ideal Customer Profile data into territories.

How it works

How it works

Upload your list of accounts

Including your ICP account data attributes such as industry, company size, location, revenue, or other relevant account data that you will use for territory balancing and segmentation.

Build your sales org structure

Define your sales org hierarchies, geographies, and segmentation rules based on the uploaded data.

Define your balancing goals

Create custom balancing rules based on account data attributes. Include attributes such as industry, company size, location, revenue, or other relevant factors.

Get your results!

Let our algorithm automate the creation of territories. Instantly view and share BoogieBoard’s results with your teams.

Experience Seamless Integration

BoogieBoard seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM and sales tools, making it easy to incorporate into your existing sales workflow. Our user-friendly interface and intuitive features make it simple for your sales team to adopt and utilize BoogieBoard without any disruptions to their current processes.

Built for the modern RevOps team.​


Quickly generate territories based on AI-powered suggestions


Maximize coverage and retain talent with data-driven equitable territories.


Manage your territory planning process in a single place.

“BoogieBoard is invaluable. You can be confident territories are equitable and data-driven. I saved weeks of work using”

Meredith Dowd • VP, Revenue Operations at Sana

Why BoogieBoard?


Traditional territory planning software requires manual calculation. Our AI-powered territory planning software does the hard work, so you can sit back and enjoy the results.


Whether you need to create targeted account lists or geographically based territories, BoogieBoard creates perfectly balanced territories every time.

What-if Scenarios

Make sure everyone’s opinion is heard. Instantly visualize different scenarios to share with your stakeholders and make decisions quickly.

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